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Feature Story

A groundbreaking new media study presenting examples on the use of internet-enabled technologies in nonproliferation and arms control.

Posted: February 4, 2014 Image: Cover
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Feature Story

The US will spend over $1 trillion over the next three decades on its nuclear arsenal, with unknown strategic implications.

Posted: January 7, 2014 Image: Cover

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Elena Sokova analyzes the Iran agreement and the prospects for the next nuclear security summit in the EU Non-Proliferation Consortium newsletter.
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Israel abandoned them a long time ago. Why won't it say so?
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Allegations of Russian arms control cheating are unfounded, but a good reason to revisit treaty options.
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Why Israel can no longer afford to rebuff global norms pertaining to weapons of mass destruction.
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Why the French are better at diplomacy than we are.
Turkey's Nuclear Plans With Japan, Russia May Prove Too Ambitious
Atomic Kingdom? Not So Fast...
Saudi Arabia's reported interest in nuclear weapons is most likely less about getting the Bomb than it is an effort to coerce allies and keep options open.

Nonproliferation Review

A quarterly journal featuring WMD articles, reports, & viewpoints.
Volume 21.1 • Mar 2014
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The Inventory

A regularly-updated public reference covering all international organizations, treaties, and agreements relevant to WMD disarmament & nonproliferation.


Video & Audio recordings of notable speakers, presentations, interviews, and discussions.
Watch Video [ Image: Video ] Nuclear Agreement with Iran: What Does it Mean for the United States, Iran and the Middle East?
Watch Video [ Image: Video ] Strategic Stability and Escalation Control in South Asia
Also watch: Q&A Session
Watch Video [ Image: Video ] Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Weapons State Perspectives on the Future of the NPT
Also watch: Q&A Session


Monterey Institute of International Studies
a graduate school of Middlebury College
James Martin 21st Century School: University of Oxford
Tackling challenges of the 21st century.
Middlebury College
One of the country's top liberal arts colleges.
Nuclear Threat Initiative
Working for a safer world
Ploughshares Fund
Investing in peace & security worldwide
International Relations and Security Network
CNS Critical Issues Forum
Involving high school students & teachers in proliferation issues.
Virtual Science Challenge
US & Russian high schools to investigate nuclear spent fuel management.
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