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Nonproliferation activities, events, and announcements involving the CNS center, staff, and programs.

Activities & Events

Recent and upcoming CNS nonproliferation activities, events, and announcements.


NPR Briefing
EVENT: Escape from Nuclear Deterrence: Lessons for Global Zero from the Strategic Defense Initiative
On September 24, 2013, the Nonproliferation Review held a briefing with speakers Dallas Boyd and James Scouras, with commentary by CNS' Jeffrey Lewis.

August 2013

Both Seem Content With Stalemate: The US-Russia Relationship
View article [ Image: Event Video ]
Breakfast Roundtable
Globalizing Reagan's INF Treaty: Easier Done Than Said?
David A. Cooper, Professor and Chair of the National Security Affairs Department, US Naval War College; Nikolai Sokov, Senior Fellow, Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation

June 2013

View story [ Image: Recording of the VSC Online Conference ]
US-Russia Virtual Science Challenge for Youth Concludes with Successful Final Event
Students' Final Project: Solutions to the Problem of Nuclear Spent Fuel
Middlebury College and Monterey Institute of International Studies Mourn Passing of Philanthropist James Martin
The James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies mourns the loss of our namesake: James Martin, a Pulitzer-nominated author, systems innovator, and impassioned philanthropist—October 19, 1933—June 24, 2013.
Staff Activity
U.S.-Turkey Civil Nuclear Cooperation in the Post-Cold War World
Jessica Varnum gives presention at an event hosted by Brookings
Press Release
CNS and NTI Launch Global Video Library: 3D models enhance nonproliferation understanding
20 videos, released over the year, will feature original 3D models of selected nuclear, chemical, biological, and missile facilities profiled on the NTI website
Virtual Science Fair
Student Solutions to the Problems of Spent Nuclear Fuel Management
20 US and Russian high school students give final presentations via Google Hangout

May 2013

The Nuclear Security Summit: A Multi-Sectoral Approach
Ambassador Bonnie D. Jenkins, Coordinator for Threat Reduction Programs, US State Department
In Memorial: Gordon Paul Smith
The staff and board of CNS at MIIS were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of former board member and benefactor Gordon Paul Smith on April 30, 2013.
A Journey at the Nuclear Brink
Dr. William J. Perry, Stanford University Professor and 19th US Secretary of Defense
Win-Win Nonproliferation Solutions for Expanding Nuclear Power
Cheryl Rofer, Retired Chemist, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Founder of Nuclear Diner
Cooperating to Compete: The Role of Regional Powers in Global Nuclear Governance
Dr. Francesca Giovannini, 2012-2013 postdoctoral fellow at CISAC at Stanford University
The National Laboratories: What's Next?
Dr. Richard Stulen, Recently Retired Vice President of Sandia National Laboratories

April 2013

View story [ Image: CIF spring conference participants ]
CIF Conference
High School Students from Japan, US, and Russia Discuss Path toward World Free of Nuclear Weapons
The semester-long CIF program concluded with a successful student conference where students from three countries presented their findings on nuclear disarmament.
Getting to Know the Bomb: Experiments in the Public Understanding of Nuclear Weapons
Dr. Alex Wellerstein, Associate Historian at the Center for History of Physics The American Institute of Physics, College Park, MD
Why Russia Matters to the United States
Dr. Dmitri Trenin, Senior Associate of the Carnegie Endowment, the Director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, and the Chair of its Foreign and Security Policy Program
Critical Issues Forum (CIF): High School Conference on Nuclear Disarmament
Students and teachers from three high schools in Japan and one in Russia will travel to Monterey to discuss with peers from eight US high schools from differing states. More Information
A Russian Assessment of Next Steps in Nuclear Arms Control: Ballistic Missile Defense and Tactical Nuclear Weapons
General Vladimir Dvorkin, senior scientist, Center of International Security at the Institute of Economic and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences.
View story [ Image: UN Office at Geneva, NPT PrepCom location ]
CNS Participation at the 2013 NPT PrepCom in Geneva
A number of CNS experts and students will attend the second session of the PrepCom for the 2015 RevCon of the Parties to the NPT as observers.
Press Release
Former CNS intern Naomi Egel is attending the 3rd RevCon of the CWC
Follow her live civil society updates and analysis from the Third Review Conference of the Chemical Weapons Convention on twitter @naomiegel and blog.
ISA Conference
Presidential Theme Roundtable
IAEA Director General Amano and CNS Director Dr. Potter Address a Presidential Theme Roundtable at ISA Annual Convention
The International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention in San Francisco hosted Presidential Theme Roundtable entitled "The Nonproliferation Regime: Firewall Against Nuclearization?"
VCDNP Course
March 2013 Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Short Course: Invitation to Apply for Participation
A one-week intensive course for diplomats and other practitioners focused on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament policy issues.
Ethical Drones?
Professor Steven Lee, Professor of Philosophy, Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Ethics and War (Cambridge, 2012), Morality, Prudence, and Nuclear Weapons (Cambridge, 1993)

March 2013

View story [ Image: Recording of the VSC Online Conference ]
Second Virtual Science Challenge for Youth Interactive Online Conference
CNS's innovative conference offers lessons to US and Russian high school students tackling nuclear spent fuel management from experts world-wide.
NPR Breakfast Briefing
Globalizing Reagan's INF Treaty: Easier Done Than Said?
David A. Cooper, Professor and Chair of the National Security Affairs Department, US Naval War College and Nonproliferation Review author
Nikolai Sokov, Senior Fellow, Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation
Press Release
State Dept. Awards Website Where Nukes Meet Pop Culture
CNS Graduate Student Lovely Umayam's featured in Global Security Newswire.
DPRK III: Implications for the CTBT and the Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime
Jean du Preez, CTBTO Preparatory Commission's Chief of External Relations and International Cooperation
Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, Director, CNS East Asia Nonproliferation Program

February 2013

The UK's Nuclear Deterrent and the Scottish Referendum
William Walker, Professor of International Relations at the University of St Andrews
Ward Wilson
Book Launch
Event Report: 5 Myths About Nuclear Weapons
Includes audio recording of the event.
United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs hosted a book launch for author Ward Wilson, CNS Senior Fellow, with opening remarks by Angela Kane, and guest speakers William T. Eliason, Christine Wing, and Ray Acheson.
New Sources, New Answers? Revisiting the Iraqi Nuclear Program (1971-81)
Malfrid Braut-Hegghammer, Stanton Nuclear Security Junior Faculty Fellow at CISAC, Stanford University (2012-13). She is an Assistant Professor at the Norwegian Defence University College where she is also head of the Nuclear Studies Programme.
VCDNP Panel Discussion
Governance After Fukushima: A Discussion with the US-Japan Nuclear Working Group
VCDNP will host a panel discussion on the impact of the disaster, Japan's nuclear energy activities, and US-Japan nuclear collaboration.
Guest Speaker | Live Stream
Nonproliferation Challenges of Old and New
Joseph Cirincione, President, Ploughshares Fund
IAB Meeting
International Advisory Board Meeting
Senator Sam Nunn (Ret.) hosted the CNS meeting, Senator Richard Lugar gave a luncheon address to the group, with introductory remarks presented by Dr. Ashton Carter, Deputy Secretary of Defense.

January 2013

Angela Kane
Dialogue on Nuclear Disarmament
CNS and the Permanent Mission of Indonesia to the UN recently held a brainstorming workshop with over a dozen states.
View story [ Image: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon ]
UN Secretary-General Delivers Major Address at MIIS
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon lauds the role played by the Monterey Institute in promoting Disarmament and Nonproliferation Education.
View story [ Image: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon ]
UN Secretary-General to Deliver Major Address at MIIS, January 18th
On January 18th, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will deliver a major address titled "Advancing the Disarmament and Nonproliferation Agenda: Seeking Peace in an Over-armed World," and conclude with a Q&A session. The event was live-streamed.
Al-Asad's Toxic Deterrent: Would Damascus Deploy Chemical Weapons during the Syrian Civil War?
Ibrahim Al-Marashi, Assistant Professor, Department of History, California State University, San Marcos

December 2012

Workshop participants
CIF Workshop
Japanese & American High School Teachers Discuss the Possibility of a World Without Nuclear Weapons
High school teachers from Japan and the United States discuss nuclear disarmament at the Critical Issues Forum's teachers' training workshop.
VCDNP Book Seminar
Less is Better: Nuclear Restraint at Low Numbers
On 13 December 2012, VCDNP will host a book presentation with Professor Malcolm Chalmers.
Bringing Your Classroom to the 21st Century. How to Use an iPad and Apple TV to Project a Presentation Anywhere in the Room
Dr. George Moore, CNS Scientist-in-Residence
3 Dilemmas of Today's Russian Foreign & Security Policy
Dr. Vladimir Orlov, Founder and President of PIR Center for Policy Studies (Moscow), Editor-in-Chief of Security Index Journal and President of the Centre russe d'etudes politiques — PIR Center's European branch.
Serious Rules for Nuclear Power without Proliferation
Arguing that U.S. policies promoting the global expansion of civilian nuclear energy are not matched by corresponding effort to assure nonproliferation, Henry Sokolski, Executive Director of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center and Victor Gilinsky, former member of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, will propose several nonproliferation principles for correcting the mismatch. They also will identify modest, initial steps that can be taken now to promote such a correction.

November 2012

VCDNP Meeting
POSSE Meeting A POSSE of Global Young Scholars Re-Think Strategic Stability
The Project on Strategic Stability Evaluation is building a global network of leading young scholars moving beyond traditional concepts about nuclear weapons.
Douglas Shaw and Emily Landau
NPR Breakfast Briefing
Challenges to Creating a Middle East WMD-Free Zone
A briefing featuring presentations by Nonproliferation Review authors Douglas Shaw and Emily Landau was held on November 29, 2012 in Washington, DC.
VCDNP Seminar
Thomas Schelling Thomas Schelling and Other Prominent Experts Discuss Global Zero
VCDNP hosted a seminar to explore the feasability of nuclear weapons abolition, featuring Nobel Laureate Thomas Schelling.
Breaking the Gridlock with the DPRK
Ambassador James Goodby, Research Fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution
Multilateral NWFZ Initiatives: Precedents from Past Negotiations, Opportunities and Constraints in New Negotiations
Professor Michael Hamel-Green, School of Social Sciences and Psychology, Faculty of Arts, Education and Human Development, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia
Roundtable Discussion
Participants The Road to 2015: The 2013 PrepCom
On October 27, 2012, CNS and the Permanent Mission of Indonesia to the United Nations co-hosted a roundtable discussion.
Eating Grass: The Making of the Pakistani Bomb
Brigadier General (retired) Feroz H. Khan is a lecturer in the Department of National Security Affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey

October 2012

Lessons from Fukushima and the Future of Japanese Nuclear Energy
Nobumasa Akiyama, Professor at the Graduate School of Law and the Graduate School of International Public Policy at Hitotsubashi University, and an Adjunct Research Fellow at the Center for the Promotion of Disarmament and Non-Proliferation, Japan Institute of International Affairs
VCDNP Seminar
Seminar speakers Preventing Nuclear Terrorism: Policy and Technology Solutions
Anne Harrington and Simon G. Limage discussed U.S. policy and programs in the area of nuclear security, and highlighted the innovative work on technologies that the United States is doing in this area.
The Nuclear Security Summit Seoul 2012
Anthony J. Thomas, CBRNE Terrorism Prevention Programme Manager at INTERPOL in Lyon, France
VCDNP Seminar
Preventing Nuclear Terrorism: Policy and Technology Solutions
Anne Harrington and Simon G. Limage will discuss U.S. policy and programs in the area of nuclear security, and highlight the innovative work on technologies that the United States is doing in this area.
Leading By Example: U.S. Nonproliferation Policy and Global Security Engagement
Thomas Countryman, Assistant Secretary for International Security and Nonproliferation, U.S. Department of State
The Future of the Nuclear Security Summit Process: A Danish Perspective?
Ambassador John Bernhard, Former Danish Permanent Representative to the IAEA
Uzbekistan's Perspective and Initiative to Create a CANWFZ
Ambassador Murad Askarov, Permanent Representative and Ambassador of Uzbekistan to UN
Discovering Treasures of the Ancient Great Silk Road: Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva
Ambassador Murad Askarov, Permanent Representative and Ambassador of Uzbekistan to UN
Indefensible Missile Defense
Dr. Yousaf Butt, CNS Scientist-in-Residence, Adjunct Professor
The Future of the CTBT Post 2012
Jean du Preez, CTBTO Preparatory Commission's Chief of External Relations and International Cooperation
National Security and Nuclear Proliferation: A Reporter's Insights
R. Jeffrey Smith, Managing Editor for national security at the Center for Public Integrity
How Risky is Nuclear Optimism?
Speaker Martin E. Hellman, Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University
VCDNP Panel Discussion
Nuclear Weapons Security Crisis: What Does History Teach?
A discussion on cases when control over nuclear weapons and/or weapons-grade materials was in jeopardy and the lessons to be derived from them.

September 2012

VCDNP Book Launch
Nuclear Politics and the Non-Aligned Movement
The authors of Nuclear Politics and the Non-Aligned Movement, CNS' Dr. William Potter and Gaukhar Mukhatzhanova, presented their work and discussed key findings with other experts.
Miles Pomper Chosen as New Co-Chair of Fissile Materials Working Group

August 2012

Senator Sam Nunn, Senator Richard Lugar Sam Nunn, Richard Lugar First Recipients of Nuclear Security Award Created in Their Honor
This new international award recognizes those dedicated to advancing the cause of nuclear security.
Dr. Jeffrey Lewis to Contribute Regular Column on Nuclear Issues to
In addition to his responsibilities at CNS, Dr. Lewis is the publisher and lead contributor to, the most widely respected blog on nuclear security issues in the field today.

July 2012

Latest Developments in Kazakhstan's Nuclear Field
Dauren Aben, Senior Research Fellow, Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies, under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
VCDNP Seminar
Maintaining Strategic Stability on the Path to Nuclear Zero
VCDNP will host a panel with senior Chinese scholars, Joe Cirincione, Rebecca Johnson on July 18 in Vienna.
VCDNP Seminar
The Politics of the Current Nuclear Policy Debate in Washington
VCDNP will host a seminar by Joe Cirincione, President of Ploughshares Fund, on July 17th in Vienna.
CNS Testimony
Leonard Spector on Syria's chemical weapons
The Nuclear Suppliers Group in Times of Change
Ambassador Piet de Klerk, Netherlands Ambassador to Jordan and recent Chair of The Nuclear Suppliers Group
The Evolution of the Central Asian Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone: Contentious Negotiations and Future Perspectives
Nuria Kutnaeva, Vice-President for Academic Administration, Head of the International Relations Program, International University of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan
VIDEO | NPR Luncheon Briefing
Visit Page  [ Image: Event Photo ] Winners of the Doreen and Jim McElvany Nonproliferation Challenge Essay Competition
A Luncheon Briefing featured presentations by Nonproliferation Review authors John Krige and Lyndon Burford.

June 2012

Video | Seminar
Watch Video [ Image: CNS Panelists ] The 2012 NPT PrepCom: Calm Before the Storm
William Potter, Aruni Wijewardane, Gaukhar Mukhatzhanova, and Lovely Umayam
Over 20 present and past CNS students and staff members participated in the NPT PrepCom. CNS roundtable discussion panelists summarize major developments at the conference.
Video | Seminar
Watch Video [ Image: Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr. ] Unending Crisis: National Security Policy after 9/11
Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr., former senior-level diplomat and a world-renowned authority on nuclear nonproliferation. As a U.S. diplomat, Ambassador Graham was involved in the negotiation of every major arms control and nonproliferation agreement from 1970 to 1997, including START, SALT, the CTBT, the INF Treaty, and the ABM Treaty, among many others.
View article [ Image: VSC Website ] CNS Youth Science Challenge Draws Attention of U.S. and Russian Presidents
A CNS youth science program funded by the State Department was touted as one example of US-Russian cooperation in the presidential joint statement.
Watch Video [ Image: Alexander Glaser ] Verified Declarations of Fissile Material Stocks and Production
Alexander Glaser, assistant professor, Woodrow Wilson School of International Affairs, Princeton University, and Nonproliferation Review author

May 2012

Can a Nuclear-Capable Iran be Deterred?
Peter Jones, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs Centre for International Policy Studies (CIPS), University of Ottawa, Canada
William Potter's Statement on Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN)

April 2012

Educational Presentations
Critical Issues Forum Topic: "Nuclear Safety and Security"
Showcasing presentations by high school students from the United States, Russia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina.
How Cyber and Space Capabilities Affect Nuclear Weapons Policy
Michael Nacht, Professor of Public Policy, Goldman School of Public Policy, University of California at Berkeley; former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs
Recent Developments in the Synthetic Biology Codes of Conduct
Tim Trevan, Executive Director, International Council for the Life Sciences
Amy E. Smithson, Senior Fellow, The James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies
Does the Global Nuclear Detection Architecture Keep America Safe from Nuclear and Radiological Terrorism?
Philipp Bleek, CNS Fellow and Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of International Policy and Management
David Vielhaber, Researcher National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START)
Scholarship Fund
View article [ Image: Jonathan B. Tucker ] The Jonathan B. Tucker Memorial Scholarship
Established in memory of long-time staff member Jonathan B. Tucker (1954-2011), the scholarship will be awarded to Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies M.A. students at MIIS specializing in chemical and biological nonproliferation issues.
Pragmatism, Nuclear Weapons and Myth
Ward Wilson, CNS Senior Fellow and Princeton-based nuclear weapons policy analyst and award-winning writer
Nuclear Threats, Nuclear Abolition
Philip Taubman, author of the book The Partnership: Five Cold Warriors and Their Quest to Ban the Bomb, and former Moscow and Washington bureau chief of The New York Times
Locating the DPRK's Strategic Rocket Force Headquarters
Jeffrey Lewis, CNS Director, East Asia Nonproliferation Program (EANP)
Why Pakistan Matters in US Foreign Policy
Neil Joeck, Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Security Research (CGSR) at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)
Event Report
Beijing Immersive Module for Nonproliferation Graduate Students
In March 2012, Chinese-speaking graduate students from MIIS visited Beijing for a week of substantive meetings on issues related to nonproliferation and security.
Scientific Secrecy and WMD Nonproliferation: An Analytical Framework
Alex Wellerstein, Associate Historian at the American Institute of Physics in College Park, Maryland
'User Pays' Model of International Nuclear Risk Mitigation
Lyndon Burford, PhD Candidate in Political Studies at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and joint winner of the 2011 CNS McElvany Nonproliferation Challenge.

March 2012

A Year Into Syria's Uprising: Assessing Regional and International Security Risks
Bilal Y. Saab, Visiting Fellow, CNS Washington, DC Office
Germ Gambits: The Bioweapons Dilemma, Iraq and Beyond
Amy Smithson, Senior Fellow, CNS Washington, DC Office
NPR Briefing
Facilitating Nuclear Disarmament: Verified Declarations of Fissile Material Stocks and Production
Featuring a presentation by Nonproliferation Review author Alexander Glaser, assistant professor, Woodrow Wilson School of International Affairs, Princeton University
Panel Discussion
The Iranian Crisis: Is War Inevitable?
Panel discussion at the University of California, Berkeley including: Avner Cohen, Karim Sadjadpour, and Shibley Telhami
VCDNP Seminar
North Korean Security Challenges and Changes: Focusing on the Nuclear Dimension
VCDNP hosted a seminar by Mark Fitzpatrick.
VCDNP Seminar
The IAEA Middle East Forum: Lessons Learned
Amb. Jan Petersen, who chaired the IAEA Forum on Experience of Possible Relevance to the Creation of a Nuclear-Weapon-Free-Zone (NWFZ) in the Middle East, will provide insights in advance of the planned 2012 conference on the creation of a Middle East WMDFZ.
Panel Discussion
One Year after Fukushima: The Future of Nuclear Energy in Japan and Beyond
Panelists include Dr. Tatsujiro Suzuki, Vice Chairman, Japan Atomic Energy Commission, Dr. Kenji Murakami, Former Director of Safeguards in at IAEA, Dr. Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress (CNS), and Dr. Jeffrey Lewis (CNS)
VCDNP Course
Nonproliferation Short Course: Invitation to Apply for Participation
One-week program includes analysis of the nonproliferation regime, the NPT, and current nuclear challenges.
View article [ Image: Dr. Potter, Amb. Üzümcü, and Amb. Wijewardane ] OPCW Director General Visits Monterey
MIIS and CNS host the OPCW Director General Mr. Ahmet Üzümcü.
Press Release
Jon Wolfsthal Appointed New CNS Deputy Director
CNS is pleased to announce the appointment of Jon Wolfsthal as its new Deputy Director, effective April 1, 2012.
Chickens Talking With Ducks: The U.S.-Chinese Nuclear Dialogue
Dr. Gregory Kulacki, Senior Analyst and China Project Manager, Global Security Program, Union of Concerned Scientists

February 2012

What Role Should The OPCW Play in a Multi-Agency Response to Alleged Use of CW, and What Have We Learned From Our Recent Experiences in Working With Libya?
Speaker H.E. Mr. Ahmet Üzümcü, Director-General of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
CNS Experts Comment on Escalating Tensions with Tehran

January 2012

Deterring CBRN Terrorism: Lessons from Iraq
Fred Wehling, Associate Professor and Program Chair for Nonproliferation Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies
Deterring Terrorism: An Evaluation of Post-9/11 Research
Dr. Jeffrey Knopf, senior lecturer in national security affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School. He received a Ph.D. in Political Science from Stanford University.

He is the author of Domestic Society and International Cooperation: The Impact of Protest on U.S. Arms Control Policy (Cambridge University Press) and the editor of Security Assurances and Nuclear Nonproliferation (Stanford University Press, forthcoming). His essay "The Fourth Wave in Deterrence Research" received the Bernard Brodie Prize for best article in Contemporary Security Policy in 2010. From 1998-2000, Dr. Knopf served as editor of The Nonproliferation Review.

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