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Updated: Aug 22, 2011

In Remembrance of Jonathan Tucker

August 1, 2011

It is with great sadness and dismay that we observe the passing of Jonathan Tucker.

Jonathan was a wonderful colleague and friend at CNS for nearly 15 years, first in Monterey and then in Washington, DC. He was unsurpassed as a writer, producing brilliant books at an amazing pace, and with great modesty and seemingly little effort. He never sought the limelight, but was always an eloquent commentator in English, French and German on policy issues as diverse as public health, bio-terrorism, the Chemical Weapons Convention, and dual use-export controls. Jonathan was the epitome of the gentleman scholar, mentor to young and old alike, and respected by everyone.

We mourn his passing, which is a tremendous loss to the nonproliferation community and his many friends the world over.

Dr. William C. Potter,
Director of CNS


In Memoriam: Jonathan B. Tucker, 1954-2011
"He will be deeply missed. His departure leaves a tremendous vacuum in the field of biological and chemical weapons arms control."
In Memoriam: Jonathan Tucker, Chem/Bio Expert
"The world has lost a tremendous force in the study and prevention of chemical and biological weapons."
Jonathan B. Tucker, 56: Weapons Inspector Advised Congress
"By many accounts, Dr. Tucker possessed a scientist's probing mind and a policy wonk's fluency on national security issues. These traits earned him a trusted reputation on Capitol Hill and made him a key source to journalists seeking a credible opinion on biological and chemical weapons."
Jonathan B. Tucker, Noted Biosecurity Expert, 1954-2011
"His passing leaves an enormous void in the global community of experts on biotechnology, biological weapons, chemical weapons, nonproliferation, arms control, and disease."

Items by Dr. Tucker

Read the article [Image: Anthrax Letters]
WMD Junction
New Questions About the FBI's Anthrax Case: Valid Concerns or Red Herring?
Was specialized equipment necessary to make the deadly powder used in the 2001 letter attacks, and, if not, what does that say about the ability of terrorists to perpetrate such attacks in the future?
Watch video of Jonathan B. Tucker
Video Interview
Dual Use Research: A Dialogue
Dr. Jonathan B. Tucker was one of several experts interviewed for a new educational video on dual-use research in the life sciences prepared by the National Institutes of Health.
Outside Publication
Double-Edged DNA: Preventing the Misuse of Gene Synthesis
Dr. Jonathan B. Tucker, for the Spring 2010 issue of Issues in Science and Technology.
Outside Publication
Future of Chemical Weapons
A confluence of military, economic, and technological trends could result in the emergence of new chemical threats from state and sub-state actors.
CNS Testimony
Addressing the Spectrum of Biological Risks: A Policy Agenda for the United States [PDF]
Dr. Jonathan B. Tucker testified on U.S. international biosecurity policies before the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, on March 18, 2010.
Feature Story
View story [Image: OPCW inspectors at work. [Src:]] Iraq Faces Major Challenges in Destroying Its Legacy Chemical Weapons
Iraq joined the Chemical Weapons Convention in February 2009 and now faces major challenges destroying the chemical munitions it inherited from the Saddam Hussein regime.
Nonproliferation Review
The Rollback of Libya's Chemical Weapons Program
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