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Updated: May 16, 2013

Iran Special Collection

All CNS nonproliferation content related to Iran, including its suspected nuclear program.

CNS Feature Publications

'Reset' on Iran Now
Outside Publication
Helping Iran Safeguard Its Nuclear Stockpile
Outside Publication
Iran's Legal Challenge to Sanctions: Another Hurdle for Talks?
Outside Publication
Judgment at Luxembourg: Will Iran Forgo a Negotiated Outcome?
Outside Publication
World Powers Must Cut a Deal with Iran before It's Too Late
Outside Publications
Don't Misunderstand Khamenei's Nuclear Fatwa
Outside Publications
How Close is Iran to Nuclear Weapons?
Outside Publications
Iran Centrifuge Magnet Story Technically Questionable
Outside Publications
Make Tehran a Serious Offer
WMD Junction
A Graphic Distraction
Unanswered questions about an unsourced scientific graph purportedly evincing an Iranian nuclear weapons program warrants caution by the arms control community, the media, and the IAEA.
Outside Publications
Flawed graph weakens case against Iran nuclear program
Outside Publications
Supposed Iranian nuke graph off; UN still worried
Nonproliferation Review
Shadow Wars: Covert Operations Against Iran's Nuclear Program
Outside Publication
Turkish-Iranian Relations: From "Friends with Benefits" to "It's Complicated"
Outside Publications
An Israeli strike won't delay Iran's nuclear weapons program. It will start it.
Outside Publications
Israeli Talk of Attacking Iran Damages Relationship with US
Outside Publications
Netanyahu's contempt for the Holocaust
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Walking Back Iran Sanctions With Re-Engagement
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Israel Fears Losing Nuclear Monopoly, Talks of War with Iran
CNS Experts Comment on Escalating Tensions with Tehran
Outside Publications
No Hotline to Tehran
Outside Publications
The futility of predicting Iran's future
Outside Publications
What if the Iranians start killing scientists?
View article [ Image: Davutoglu and Ahmadinejad (Src: ]
WMD Junction
Understanding Turkey's Position on the Iranian Nuclear Program
Turkey doesn't want an Iranian nuclear weapon—but it also doesn't want to hamper its own access to nuclear energy technology.
Outside Publications
Israeli Domestic Debate on War with Iran
Outside Publications
Israel's Iran dilemma
Outside Publications
World Anxious as Iran Inches Toward Nuclear Bomb
The global community plots counter measures as the IAEA confirms Iran's nuclear weapon plans.
Outside Publications
The Long Journey Toward A WMD-Free Middle East
Outside Publications
How Saudi Arabia Can Contain Iran — and Other Benefits from Syria's Turmoil
Outside Publication
Dagan did Israel a favor by warning against Iran strike
Avner Cohen, for
Outside Publication
Can Turkey Still Be a 'Model Partner' In Resolving the Iran Nuclear Impasse?
Philipp C. Bleek, for Today's Zaman.
Beyond Missile Defense: Alternative Means to Address Iran's Ballistic Missile Threat [Summary Only]
Miles A. Pomper and Cole J. Harvey, for Arms Control Association.
Russia's Lukewarm Support for International Sanctions against Iran: History and Motivations
Cole Harvey and Richard Sabatini, an issue brief for the Nuclear Threat Initiative.
CNS Experts Comment on Recent Iran Developments [PDF]
During the last few days, the already tense standoff between Iran, the United States and other members of the international community has become even more charged.
Iran: June 2009 Elections and Nuclear Policy Implications
A review of the policies of both candidates, and assessment of the tentative results of the election and possible impact on nuclear negotiations with Iran.
Israeli Perceptions Regarding Obama's Iran Policy Change
Many Israelis fear the more comprehensive Washington's talks with Tehran, the greater the chance that Jerusalem will be brought to the table to agree to painful concessions.
Obama Hones Iran Strategy
The U.S. puts out "bigger sticks and carrots" to halt nuclear program.
Dr. Frank Pabian, Evidence from Imagery: The Iran and Syrian Nuclear Programs Video: Evidence from Imagery: The Iran and Syrian Nuclear Programs
Nov 6 [1 hr, Youtube]
Dr. Frank Pabian
In this age of "Global Transparency", commercial satellite imagery makes it possible for anyone to view clandestine nuclear facilities.
[More Videos]
Iran and the IAEA: The Road to "Gridlock" and an Uncertain Path Forward
A way out of the present stalemate over the Iran nuclear issue is only possible through a pragmatic approach from Washington and more flexibility from Tehran.
A CNS Feature Story by Liviu Horovitz and David Peranteau.
Iranian Nuclear Program Remains Major Threat Despite Partial Freeze
Despite a December 3, 2007 U.S. National Intelligence Estimate assessment that Iran's "nuclear weapons program" was halted in 2003, serious concerns remain.
A CNS Research Story by Leonard S. Spector.
Ahmadinejad Critics Take Leadership Position; Iran Enters Deal With International Atomic Energy Agency
An article by Khalid Hilal and Leah Kuchinsky for WMD Insights.
Iran's Announcement of a Space Rocket Test: Fact or Fiction?
An article by Khalid Hilal and Jack Boureston for WMD Insights.
Iran's Nuclear Impasse: Give Negotiations A Chance
As direct negotiations between the United States and Iran may finally materialize, it is critical to remember that armed conflict is both unnecessary and would be mutually destructive.
A CNS Research Story by Sammy Salama and Elizabeth Salch.
Mohamed ElBaradei Calls for a New Global Security Landscape
Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei spoke in Monterey on May 30, 2006. During his conversation with Dr. William Potter, Dr. ElBaradei highlighted many key issues and challenges facing the nuclear nonproliferation regime today.
Iran Tests Missiles for Domestic and Foreign Audiences; Origins of One Advanced System Remain Murky
An analysis by Sammy Salama, Nikolai Sokov, and Gina Cabrera-Farraj for the WMD Insights.
Defusing The Iranian Nuclear Crisis: A Carrot and Stick Approach
Jean duPreez examines the potential consequences of the IAEA Board decision to report the issue to the U.N. Security Council, with a particular focus on Iran's reactions, and argues that a diplomatic solution along the lines of the Six-Party talks is needed or the crisis is likely to spiral out of control.
Prospects of Russian Mediation of the Iranian Nuclear Crisis
Nikolai Sokov analyzes the Russian position vis-a-vis Iran, and predicts the policies Moscow is likely to adopt under various scenarios.
International Reaction to the Iranian Nuclear Crisis
CNS has compiled a selection of commentaries on the detailing the viewpoints of various international stakeholders in the current impasse over Iran's nuclear program.
Chronology of Key Events Related to the Implementation of IAEA Safeguards in Iran
The IAEA Board of Governors looks set to discuss the Iran nuclear issue at a meeting scheduled for February 2. CNS has prepared a detailed chronology of key events in the IAEA examination of the scope and nature of Iran's nuclear program from June 2003 to the present.
A CNS Research Story by the International Organizations and Nonproliferation Program.
The New IAEA Resolution: Milestone in Iran-IAEA Saga
The Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) adopted a resolution on 24 September 2005 finding Iran in non-compliance with its safeguards agreements. The resolution marks the first time the IAEA has found Iran in non-compliance and sets the stage for the next step of Irans referral to the Security Council.
An issue brief by Anna Langenbach, Lars Olberg, and Jean du Preez for the Nuclear Threat Initiative.
Iran's Game of Nuclear Poker: Knowing When to Fold
In what many consider to be Iran's final chance, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors, during an emergency meeting on August 11, called Iran's bluff by adopting yet another resolution on the implementation of the country's Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Safeguards Agreement. While the Board's resolution noted that the Agency has accounted for all declared nuclear materials in Iran, it also stated that it has not yet been able to verify that there are no undeclared nuclear materials in the country.
A CNS Research Story by Jean de Preez and Melissa Kessler
How to Be Weapon-Ready NPT Members
An op-ed by Leonard S. Spector for the YaleGlobal.
IAEA Board Gives Iran Yet Another Chance
Despite repeated, strenuous attempts, the United States could not convince the IAEA Board of Governors to establish an October 31 deadline to report Iran to the Security Council for violating its nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) obligations.
Research Story of the Week by Jean du Preez and María Lorenzo Sobrado.
A Preemptive Attack on Iran's Nuclear Facilities: Possible Consequences
There are reports that the Bush administration has seriously considered an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities but opted to put it on the back burner for the time being.
A CNS Research Story by Sammy Salama and Karen Ruster.
IAEA Board Deplores Iran's Failure to Come into Full Compliance: Is Patience with Iran Running Out?
On Friday, June 18, 2004, the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) unanimously adopted a resolution reprimanding Iran for failing to act in full compliance with its international safeguards obligations.
An issue brief by Peter Crail and Jean du Preez for the Nuclear Threat Initiative.
IAEA's Resolution on Iran: A Troubling Past With a Hopeful Future?
The latest report by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director-General Mohamed ElBaradei, on the implementation of the NPT safeguards agreement in the Islamic Republic of Iran, provides both troubling and reassuring details on Iran's nuclear program.
Now includes the IAEA Resolution [PDF].
Russia's Nuclear and Missile Technology Assistance to Iran
Russian assistance for the Iranian nuclear program has long been an irritant in the U.S.-Russian relations. The revelations concerning Iran's hitherto unknown uranium enrichment efforts, which propelled Iran's nuclear ambitions to the center of the world's attention, added a new dimension to the controversy.
By Michael Jasinski.
Iran Rebuked for Failing to Comply with IAEA Safeguards
A Research Story of the Week by Jean du Preez and Lawrence Scheinman.
What's Behind U.S. Nonproliferation Sanctions Against Norinco?
The Bush administration's decision to impose a ban on imports from the China North Industries Group (Norinco) and its subsidiaries for transfers of dual-use equipment to a company involved in Iran's ballistic missile program marks a significant shift in the Bush administration's nonproliferation policy.
A Research Story of the Week by Phillip Saunders and Stephanie Lieggi.
Iran's Secret Quest for the Bomb
"At the upcoming June meeting of the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Washington wants the agency to declare Iran in material breach of its non-proliferation obligations."
An op-ed by Leonard S. Spector for the YaleGlobal online.
Russian Nuclear Exports to Iran: U.S. Policy Change Needed
On March 29, the State Department is scheduled to report to Congress on nuclear proliferation prevention in Iran. Part of the report is likely to focus on Russia's role in Iran's nuclear development.
A Research Story of the Week by Cristina Chuen.
Iran: Weapons of Mass Destruction Capabilities and Programs
This page is part of "Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East," which includes WMD profiles of 11 countries, regional overviews, and reference tables of ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and combat aircraft deployed in this volatile region.
Missile Messages: Iran Strikes MKO Bases in Iraq [PDF]
A report for the Nonproliferation Review, CNS, Vol. 8.2 by Amin Tarzi and Darby Parliament.
Chemical Weapons and the Iran-Iraq War: A Case Study in Noncompliance [PDF]
An article for the Nonproliferation Review, CNS, Vol. 8.1 by Javed Ali.
Iranian Use of Chemical Weapons: A Critical Analysis of Past Allegations
Washington, DC Office 2001 Briefing Series, March 7, 2001.
Iran's Missile Test Sends Mixed Messages
"On Saturday July 15th, the Islamic Republic of Iran carried out the anticipated second test firing of the 1,350 km-range ballistic missile named Shehab-3."
An Op-Ed by Amin Tarzi.
Russian Nuclear and Missile Exports to Iran [PDF]
A report for the Nonproliferation Review, CNS, Vol. 6.2 by Fred Wehling.
Iran's Threat Perceptions and Arms Control Policies [PDF]
An article for the Nonproliferation Review, CNS, Vol. 6.1 by Peter Jones.
Iran's Nuclear-Related Facilities
A report describing developments at Iran's nuclear facilities by Andrew Koch and Jeanette Wolf.
Lessons of Iranian Missile Programs for U.S. Nonproliferation Policy [PDF]
An article for the Nonproliferation Review, CNS, Vol. 5.3 by Aaron Karp.
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