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North Korea (DPRK) Special Collection

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In the News

North Korea's Cuban Missile Crisis
Update on Yongbyon: Restart of Plutonium Production Reactor Nears Completion; Work Continues on the Experimental Light Water Reactor
Start-up of North Korean Experimental Light Water Reactor Could Begin by Mid-2013 if Fuel Is Available
U.S. Should Steer Clear of Daring North Korea on Nukes
Federation of American Scientists' Q&A on North Korea
Outside Publication
The Map of Death: What North Korea's Missile Are Really Aimed At
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Billion Dollar Baby
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Obama's Historic Visit to Myanmar and the Shadow of North Korea
View story [Image: Launch of the Unha-3 SLV (Src: Korean Central News Agency) ]
Feature Story
CNS Experts Available for Comment on North Korea's Rocket Launch
On December 12, DPRK successfully launched the Unha-3 SLV. CNS experts available for comment on implications of this launch.
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"The Country I Saw," or "How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love North Korea's Bomb (Almost)"
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North Korea's Procurement Network Strikes Again: Examining How Chinese Missile Hardware Ended Up in Pyongyang
[In Korean] Miles Pomper quoted on prospects for US-ROK nuclear agreement negotiations
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Assessing the DPRK Panel of Experts
Last month, the United Nations released a report on the implementation of sanctions against North Korea prepared by what Reuter's described as the "so-called Panel of Experts." Well, I suppose that is better than calling them the Panel of so-called Experts. But not much. The release of the report created a minor controversy.
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The Seoul Nuclear Security Summit: How Much of a Success?
Experts say even if North Korea performs 3rd nuke test, a useable weapon may still be far off
North Korea's Performance Anxiety
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Progressive Pragmatism or Cynicism in Confronting North Korea?
What the surprising popularity of a website suggests about our complicated relationship with nuclear weapons.
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Progressive Pragmatism or Cynicism in Confronting North Korea?
In his inaugural address, President Barack Obama offered the possibility of dialogue to leaders in Iran and North Korea, saying he was "willing to extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist." It was a nice turn of phrase, but things went south pretty quickly. After a long-range missile launch in April 2009, things got ugly.
Congress Wants Broken Laser to Zap North Korea's Broken Missiles
New North Korean Missile Is Called Into Question
View story [ Image: Location of Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Facility (Src: Google Earth) ] FAQ: North Korea's Possible Nuclear Test
North Korea appears to be preparing for its third nuclear test. This new FAQ examines details of the possible test and potential ramifications.
Outside Publications
The North Korean Nuclear Program in Transition: Approximate 3D Visualization of Yongbyon U-Enrichment Facility
Miles Pomper was quoted on the Korean Nuclear Industry
North Korea rocket failure may ease world's nuclear fear
Failed North Korean rocket boosts chance of nuclear test, analyst says
North Korean missile launch failure: what it means for West
Why North Korea Sucks at Rocket Technology
Why North Korea Still Sucks at Launching Rockets
View article [ Sohae Satellite Launching Station (Src: Google Maps) ] FAQ: North Korea's Upcoming Space Launch
CNS has compiled an FAQ to keep you informed as North Korea prepares for its upcoming rocket launch.
Japan goes off script at nuclear summit to slam North Korea
Obama Appeal to China to Restrain North Korea
Koreans Shrug at Nuke Terror, Bin Laden, Threats
Outside Publications
Long Range Missiles Of Any Kind
This commentary was originally posted on Arms Control Wonk on March 16, 2012 and has been reposted on 38 North with permission from the author. The original post can be found here. I have previously noted the importance of reading very, very closely the utterances of the Great Fitzpatrick.
Outside Publications
Map: Where nuclear work is done in North Korea
Isotopes hint at North Korean nuclear test
OPINION: N. Korean provocations possible, but should not be over-interpreted


General: North Korea



View article [ Image: Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un (Src: AP) ]
Feature Story
Avoiding a North Korean Nuclear Nightmare
No one knows what policies North Korea's new young leader will pursue, or what will happen if he is challenged from within.
View story [Image: Kim Jong-il ]
Feature Story
Passing of North Korea's Kim Jong-il
DPRK Supreme Leader Kim Jong-il has died. CNS experts on North Korea are available for comment on the impact of Kim's passing.
Outside Publications
How to Worry Kim Jong-il
Deterring North Korea is a tough job, but someone has to do it. A better earth penetrating nuclear weapon might help.
View story [ Image: Joshua Pollack (left) and Dennis Gormley ]
Tracking North Korea's Ballistic Missiles Sales: Implications for the Missile Technology Control Regime
Joshua Pollack, Senior Policy Analyst, Science Applications International Corporation; with commentary by Dennis Gormley, Senior Lecturer, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh
NPR Viewpoint
Extraordinary Visits: Lessons Learned from Engaging with North Korea
Sigfried S. Hecker , for The Nonproliferation Review, Volume 18.2 (July 2011).
Outside Publications
Why the 1992 Joint Declaration on Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula Still Matters
There are plenty of reasons not to put U.S. nuclear weapons back into South Korea. Tactical nuclear weapons serve no military purpose. It is a close call on which the Air Force would fight harder to keep out of South Korea: U.S. tactical nuclear weapons or the North Koreans.
View story [Image: October 10, 2010 military parade]
Feature Story
Missiles, Maneuvers and Mysteries: Review of Recent Developments in North Korea
DPRK's leadership succession and nuclear activities have garnered attention recently. A new report examines recent DPRK actions, including the parading of new missiles systems.
Outside Publication
Taking Control: Stopping North Korean WMD-Related Procurement
North Korea's WMD-related procurement is a serious challenge to its neighbors, but these countries are having some success in stopping the networks.
Outside Publication
Impact of the Cheonan Incident on the Six-Party Talks
Melissa Hanham, for the Nuclear Threat Initiative.
Outside Publication
Nonproliferation Issues in U.S.-ROK Nuclear Cooperation
Chen Kane, a paper presented at a U.S.-ROK workshop on nuclear energy and nonproliferation in Washington, DC on January 20, 2010.
The Role of ROK in Global Nonproliferation Efforts and Bilateral Nuclear Nonproliferation Issues [PDF]
James Kwon, a paper presented at a U.S.-ROK workshop on nuclear energy and nonproliferation in Washington, DC on January 20, 2010.
NPR Article
The Defiant States: The Nuclear Diplomacy of North Korea and Iran
Tanya Ogilvie-White, for The Nonproliferation Review, Volume 17.1 (March 2010).
View article [Image: <strong>Jing-Dong Yuan</strong>, EANP Director] After the Clinton Trip: A Window of Opportunity?
If the past two decades of U.S.-DPRK relations offer any clue, it becomes obvious that engagement, under the right conditions, yields important payoffs.
The North Korean Nuclear Test: The Japanese Reaction
Frustrated by diplomatic limitations, many ask if the US nuclear umbrella is enough, giving hardliners momentum to seek more aggressive defense policies.
Beijing Weighs Its Options
Beijing will likely condemn North Korea's behavior and endorse limited but not severe sanctions that could seriously undermine its interests.
View story [Image: Kim Jong Il posing with a Korean People's Army unit.] CNS Report: North Korea Conducts Nuclear Test [PDF]
On May 25, DPRK carried out its second nuclear test. International reaction has been swift. Initial reports point to a higher yield for this test than the first in 2006.
View story [Image: North Korean rocket launch. [Src: KCNA]] The North Korean Rocket Launch: International Reactions and Implications
In reaction to the UNSC condemnation of its rocket launch, North Korea pulled out of the six-party talks. The current crisis is will be a serious challenge to regional stability.
View story [Image: North Korean propaganda poster] North Korean Satellite Falls Short of Expectations
On April 5, North Korea carried out its planned launch of a satellite but the three-stage rocket used appears to have failed in the final stage.
A Feature Story by Dean Knox.
Japan's Response to the North Korean Satellite Launch
Japan has mobilizing its missile defense system for the first time in the country's history.
View story [Image: North Korean propaganda poster] Launch of North Korean "Communications Satellite" Draws Near, Raising Concerns of Regional Instability
The DPRK's plans to launch a satellite on a modified long-range missile have had a significant impact on regional threat perceptions.
A Feature Story by Dean Knox.
NPR Article
Paranoid, Potbellied Stalinist Gets Nuclear Weapons: How The U.S. Print Media Cover North Korea
Hugh Gusterson, for The Nonproliferation Review, Volume 15.1 (March 2008).
Beijing Keeps a Wary Eye on the Korean Peace Process
An op-ed by Jing-Dong Yuan for China Brief.
Back to the Future: U.S. adopting familiar approach to continuing North Korean defiance. [PDF format]
An op-ed by Daniel A. Pinkston for The Ripon Forum.
The North Korean Nuclear Impasse: A Long Road to Denuclearisation
An op-ed by Jing-Dong Yuan for OpinionAsia.
Six-Parties Adopt Steps for North Korean Denuclearization But Uranium Enrichment Controversy Looms as Major Obstacle
An article by Daniel A. Pinkston and Leonard S. Spector for WMD Insights.
Japan Debates Preparing for Future Preemptive Strikes against North Korea [PDF format]
Daniel A. Pinkston and Kazutaka Sakurai have published this piece in a special edition on the North Korean nuclear issue of The Korean Journal of Defense Analysis, Vol. 18, No. 4, Winter 2006, pp. 95-121.
Critique of the Criticism Against the Beijing Accord [PDF format]
An op-ed by Dave H. Kim for The Chosun Ilbo, March 19, 2007.
North Korea Likely to Conduct Second Nuclear Test [PDF format]
From a technical standpoint, North Korea should be expected to conduct at least one or two more nuclear tests before its leaders can be confident in their "nuclear deterrent."
A CNS Research Story by Daniel A. Pinkston and Shin Sungtack.
North Korean Speech to UN: All Rhetoric
An op-ed by Dave H. Kim for The Korea Times.
China's new North Korea diplomacy
An op-ed by Jing-Dong Yuan for Asia Times Online.
The North Korean Nuclear Test: Regional and International Implications [PDF format]
CNS experts took part in a panel discussion on the recent events on the Korean peninsula and what the future may hold for the international community and the nonproliferation regime.
(Korean text)
A CNS Research Story
How Will the World React to a Nuclear North Korea?
Jing-Dong Yuan speaks on NPR's Talk of the Nation, October 11.
CNS Analysis of North Korea Nuclear Test Claim [PDF format]
CNS experts report on the technical specifications of North Korea's test as well as initial reaction from the international community.
A CNS Research Story
Interview of Dr. Daniel Pinkston on NPR's To The Point, October 3, 2006
South Korean Response to North Korean July Missile Exercise Includes Unveiling of New Cruise Missile
A report by Dan Pinkston for WMD Insights.
Text of the North Korean MFA statement [PDF format]
North Korea's Foreign Policy Towards the United States [PDF format]
An article by Daniel A. Pinkston for Strategic Insights, Volume V, Issue 7 (September 2006).
Clarification on Media Citations of "CNS Report on DPRK Missiles"
Causes and Consequences of North Korea's Missile Tests
An audio interview with Leonard Spector on
Deadly silence
An op-ed by Daniel A. Pinkston for
As North Korea Prepares Launch of Long-Range Ballistic Missile, Split Widens Between U.S. and South Korea
An article by Daniel A. Pinkston for WMD Insights.
Will North Korea Launch a Long-range Missile? [PDF format]
An essay by Daniel A. Pinkston for the Nautilus Institute's Policy Forum Online.
North Korea Claims South Plans to Produce Nuclear Submarine
An analysis by Daniel A. Pinkston for the WMD Insights.
North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Program and the Six-party Talks
An issue brief by Daniel A. Pinkston for the Nuclear Threat Initiative.
North Korean Ballistic Missile Capabilities (PDF format)
A new special report from CNS answers key questions about North Korea's ballistic missiles and presents estimates of their missile capabilities.
A CNS Research Story.
North Korean Ballistic Missile Capabilities (PDF format)
A new special report from CNS answers key questions about North Korea's ballistic missiles and presents estimates of their missile capabilities.
A CNS Research Story.
Some signs of hope at Korea talks (PDF Format)
An op-ed by Jing-Dong Yuan for the San Diego Union-Tribune, August 1, 2005.
China, US discuss their relationship (PDF Format)
An op-ed by Jing-Dong Yuan for the Asia Times Online, July 30, 2005.
China takes a bow (PDF Format)
An op-ed by Jing-Dong Yuan for the Asia Times Online, July 27, 2005.
Council on Foreign Relations: Interview with Dr. Daniel Pinkston, May 9, 2005
Special Report on the Shutdown of North Korea's 5MW(e) Nuclear Reactor
(PDF format)
Don't Outsource North Korea Problem to China
Transcript of Live Discussion, featuring Dr. Daniel Pinkston, April 19, 2005
Special Report on the North Korean Nuclear Weapons Statement
Bargaining Failure and the North Korean Nuclear Program's Impact on International Nonproliferation Regimes (PDF format)
Responses to a Nuclear North Korea (PDF Format)
Seeing North Korea Clearly (PDF format)
Domestic Politics and Stakeholders in the North Korean Missile Development Program (PDF format)
An article for the Nonproliferation Review, CNS, Vol. 10.2. by Daniel A. Pinkston.
Why China Should Rethink Its Approach to North Korea
Factsheet on North Korean Nuclear Reprocessing Statement
North Korea's Withdrawal From the NPT: A Reality Check
North Korean Cruise Missile Tests--and Iraqi Cruise Missile Attacks--Raise Troubling Questions for Missile Defenses
"In the end, hedging against the cruise missile threat depends as much on developing more effective nonproliferation policies as it does on planning for more versatile missile defenses."
Research Story of the Week by Dennis Gormley.
U.S. Must Rethink North Korea Strategy
Confronting Ambiguity: How to Handle North Korea's Nuclear Program
Vinalon, the DPRK, and Chemical Weapons Precursors
Military Options for Dealing with North Korea's Nuclear Program
Assessing North Korea's Nuclear Intentions
North Korea Pushed into Nuclear Standoff
CNS Experts Respond to the DPRK's Withdrawal from the NPT
Text of North Korea's Statement on NPT Withdrawal
Korea Crisis Will Test Chinese Diplomacy
North Korea Lifts the Freeze on Its Nuclear Program
Second Tier Proliferation: The Case of Pakistan and North Korea (PDF Format)
North Korean Motivations for Developing Nuclear Weapons (PDF format)
The Status of North Korea's Nuclear Inspections
When Did WMD Deals Between Pyongyang and Islamabad Begin?
Collapse of the Agreed Framework?
Agreed Framework and KEDO
Nuclear Inspections and Brinksmanship
North Korean Ballistic Missile Programs: Soviet and Russian Legacies?
By Timothy McCarthy, WMD Threats 2001: Critical Choices for the Bush Administration, Occasional Papers: #6.
Implementing the Agreed Framework and Potential Obstacles
Implementing the DPRK Nuclear Deal: What U.S. Law Requires (PDF format)
A History of Ballistic Missile Development in the DPRK
Occasional Paper #2, Joseph S. Bermudez, Jr.
North Korea's Ballistic Missile Program: A Look Back & the Road Ahead
Washington D.C. Office 2000 Briefing Series, February 28, 2000.
Lessons of the Agreed Framework for Using Engagement as a Nonproliferation Tool (PDF format)
CNS Resources on North Korea's Ballistic Missile Program
This page provides a map, factsheet, overview, chronology, and external links related to North Korea's ballistic missile program.
North Korea: A Second Taep'o-dong Test?
North Korea's Alleged Underground Nuclear Facility
Perry Report on US North Korea Policy Impending
The Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization: Achievements and Challenges (PDF format)
The Origins, Evolution, and Current Politics of the North Korean Nuclear Program (PDF format)
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