CNS Occasional Papers: #8

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After 9/11: Preventing Mass-Destruction Terrorism and Weapons Proliferation

Michael Barletta, ed.

The papers in this collection examine the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the United States, and analyze U.S. and international responses to 9/11. They also propose measures to avert terrorism and to reduce mass-destruction threats to U.S. and international security.

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Terrorism and U.S. National Security

  • National Security, Nonproliferation, and the War against Terrorism
    by Mike Shuster
  • The New Landscape of Nuclear Terrorism
    by Leonard S. Spector

Nonproliferation Regimes and Proliferation Technologies

  • Arms Control for Anthrax: A Safety-and-Security Approach to Strengthening the BWC
    by Michael Barletta and Amy Sands
  • Implications of the War against Terrorism for the NPT Regime
    by Lawrence Scheinman
  • Regulating Scientific Research of Potential Relevance to Biological Warfare
    by Jonathan B. Tucker

Middle East

  • Implications of September 11 for Middle East Security
    by Nabil Fahmy
  • Proliferation Assessment: Iranís Strategic Environment after 9/11
    by Amin Tarzi

South Asia

  • Lip Service Is Not Enough: Take Responsibility for the Nonproliferation Regime
    by George Perkovich
  • Terrorism, Pakistan, and Nuclear Weapons
    by Scott D. Sagan

Major-Power Relations

  • Major Powers in the 21st Century
    by Thérèse Delpech
  • U.S.-Russian Relations after the Crawford Summit
    by Rose Gottemoeller
  • Major-Power Relations and Nonproliferation: The Impact of September 11
    by Brad Roberts


  • Assessing Risks and Crafting Responses
    by Michael Barletta

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