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Updated: Nov 14, 2012

South Asia

All CNS nonproliferation content related to India, Pakistan & all of South Asia.


Outside Publications
A New Path to Accidental Nuclear War in South Asia?
Outside Publications
Pakistan's Babur and Ra'ad Cruise Missiles: Strategic Implications for India
View article by Jing-dong Yuan, EANP Director The Asian Triangle: Chinese Perspectives on a Rising India
An article by Jing-dong Yuan for the World Politics Review.
Nuclear Proliferation and South Asia: Recent Trends
An issue brief by Sharad Joshi for the NTI website, August 2007.
Created: August 10, 2007
Nonproliferation Issues Raised by U.S.-India Nuclear Deal
The March 2 agreement on US-India nuclear cooperation has raised a number of concerns that require further attention, especially with regards to its effect on the international nonproliferation regime.
A CNS Feature Story.
Created: March 2, 2006
The U.S.-India Nuclear Deal: Taking Stock
An article co-authored by Lawrence Scheinman (CNS Distinguised Professor), Fred McGoldrick, and Harold Bengelsdorf, for Arms Control Today, October 2005
India and the New Look of U.S. Nonproliferation Policy [PDF format]
An analysis by William C. Potter (CNS Director) for the Nonproliferation Review, Summer 2005, Volume 12, Number 2
Indian Companies Removed From Entity List, as Bush Administration Presses to Ease Restrictions on Civil Nuclear and Commercial Space Cooperation with New Delhi [PDF format]
A report by Stephanie Lieggi for the International Export Control Observer, October 2005, pp. 18-20
Implications of Proposed India-U.S. Civil Nuclear Cooperation
An issue brief by Dennis M. Gormley and Lawrence Scheinman for the NTI website, July 2005
Seven Years After the Nuclear Tests: Appraising South Asia's Nuclear Realities
An issue brief by Gaurav Kampani for the NTI website, July 2005,
Indo-U.S. Space Cooperation: Poised for Take-Off?
A report by Sundara Vadlamudi for the Nonproliferation Review, Spring 2005, Volume 12, Number 1 (abstract only)

Country Overviews

Each Country Overview contains an overview of the country's nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and missile programs, with links to other relevant web sites, and excerpts from the Nuclear and Missile Developments Database and Chemical and Biological Weapons Terrorism ListServ.

Indian & Pakistani Nuclear Facilities: Maps & Reports

Selected Indian Nuclear Facilities
Pakistan’s Nuclear Related Facilities (PDF, 340k)
Annotated Fact Sheet and Map with Links to Facility Information and CNS Database Entries.
Map of Selected Indian Nuclear Facilities (PDF)
Map of Selected Pakistani Nuclear Facilities (PDF)
Chinese Assistance to Pakistani Nuclear and Missile Programs (PDF, 45k)

Nonproliferation Review Articles on South Asia

Note: All NPR articles are in PDF format.
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Fall-Winter 2002, Volume 9 · Number 3

Second Tier Proliferation: The Case of Pakistan and North Korea [PDF format]
A report for the Nonproliferation Review, CNS, Vol. 9.3.
by Guarav Kampani

Fall-Winter 2001, Volume 8 · Number 3

Limited War and Nuclear Escalation in South Asia [PDF format]
An article for the Nonproliferation Review, CNS, Vol. 8.3.
by V.R. Raghavan

Summer 2001, Volume 8 · Number 2

Security Challenges in South Asia [PDF format]
A viewpoint for the Nonproliferation Review, CNS, Vol. 8.2.
by Maleeha Lodhi.

Fall-Winter 2000, Volume 7 · Number 3

India's Nuclear Doctrine: Confused Ambitions [PDF format]
A viewpoint for the Nonproliferation Review, CNS, Vol. 7.3.
by P.R. Chari

Fall 1999, Volume 6 · Number 4

The Economic Impacts of the 1998 Sanctions on India and Pakistan
Article by Daniel Morrow and Michael Carriere

Spring-Summer 1999, Volume 6 · Number 3

An Impossible Game: Stable Nuclear Deterrence After the Indian and Pakistani Tests
Article by Mario E. Carranza
Command and Control Challenges in South Asia
Article by Clayton P. Bowen and Daniel Wolvén

Fall 1998, Volume 6 · Number 1

The Systemic Bases of India's Challenge to the Global Nuclear Order
Article by T.V. Paul
From Existential to Minimum Deterrence: Explaining India's Decision to Test
Article by Gaurav Kampani
Domestic-International Linkages: India and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
Article by Dinshaw Mistry
India's Deterrence Doctrine: A Nehruvian Critique
Viewpoint by T.T. Poulose
Nonproliferation Prospects after the South Asian Nuclear Tests
Viewpoint by Wade Huntley

CNS Web Reports

India and Pakistan Missile Race Surges On
An article by Sharad Joshi for WMD Insights.
Proliferation Unbound: Nuclear Tales from Pakistan
After years of blanket denials, Pakistan's government has finally admitted that during 1989-2003 Pakistani nuclear scientists and entities proliferated nuclear weapons-related technologies, equipment, and know how to Iran, North Korea, and Libya.
CNS Feature Story by Gaurav Kampani.
India and China - Moving Closer?
"With international attention focused elsewhere, a visit to China by Indian Defence Minister George Fernandes over the past week received little coverage. Nonetheless, Mr Fernandes' China trip is significant in a number of ways."
An op-ed by Jing-Dong Yuan for the South China Morning Post.

India's Compellance Strategy: Calling Pakistan's Nuclear Bluff Over Kashmir
"Islamabad's apparent decision to accept war termination in Kashmir on New Delhi's terms essentially implies that India may have finally called Pakistan's nuclear bluff over Kashmir."
Feature Story by Gaurav Kampani.

Placing the Indo-Pakistani Standoff in Perspective [PDF format]
by Gaurav Kampani
Russia to Lease Two Nuclear Submarines to India
Feature Story.
Safety of Pakistani Nuclear Arsenal & Installations
by Gaurav Kampani
Overview of Weapons of Mass Destruction Capabilities in the Middle East and South Asia
If the United States starts military actions against either Afghanistan or Iraq, its forces will be operating in a region of the world where many countries have weapons of mass destruction (WMD), or are seeking to develop them.
United States Seeks Pakistan's Assistance
Attention is turning to the role Pakistan can play in assisting a U.S. military strike on Afghanistan and in capturing alleged terrorist leader Usama Bin Laden.
Pakistani Perspective on Arms Control and Nonproliferation
Washington D.C. Office 2000 Briefing Series, December 14, 2000.
How a US National Missile Defense Will Affect South Asia
by Gaurav Kampani
CTBT Endgame in South Asia?
by Gaurav Kampani
The Military Coup in Pakistan: Implications for Nuclear Stability in South Asia
by Gaurav Kampani
Test Ban Treaty: Asian Concerns
by Tariq Rauf

Outside Publications by CNS Staff


Outside Publications
NSG's India Waiver Highlights Flawed U.S. Approach
Javier Serrat, for World Politics Review.
Following Fatal Disaster, Russia Still Considering Submarine's Lease to India
An article by Anya Loukianova for WMD Insights.
Following Fatal Disaster, Russia Still Considering Submarine's Lease to India
An article by Anya Loukianova for WMD Insights.
Elections in Pakistan: A Major Shift or More of the Same?
an op-ed by Sharad Joshi for the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, New Delhi.
Questions Persist on Reported Russian Lease of Nuclear Sub to India

An article by Anya Loukianova for WMD Insights.
The Dragon and the Elephant: Chinese-Indian Relations in the 21st Century [PDF format]
An article by Jing-dong Yuan in the Summer 2007 issue of the Washington Quarterly.
Pakistan's Missile Tests Highlight Growing South Asia Nuclear Arms Race, Despite New Confidence Building Measures
an article by Sharad Joshi for WMD Insights.
U.S.-India Space Cooperation Reaches New Heights, Despite Lingering Proliferation Concerns
an article by Jennifer Kline for WMD Insights.
New Head of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Apparently Tied to 1980s Nuclear Smuggling
An analysis by Leonard S. Spector and Haider Nizamani for the WMD Insights.
Nuclear Watch-Pakistan: The Sorry Affairs of the Islamic Republic
An issue brief by Gaurav Kampani for the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI).
Indo-Pakistani Military Standoff: Why It Isn't Over Yet
The recent crisis between India and Pakistan, which again raised fears of a war between the two nuclear powers, has receded. Though war has been averted in this current crisis, basic, critical problems still exist between the two South Asian powers. An issue brief by Gaurav Kampani for the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI).
In Praise of Indifference Toward India's Bomb
Gaurav Kampani, Orbis, Volume 45, Number 2, Spring 2001, pp. 241-257.
Learning to Live With the Bomb in South Asia
Tariq Rauf, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, January/February 1999


Pakistan: A Shift Away From Indo-Centricism
Gaurav Kampani & Dr. Haider K. Nizamani, Dawn, 16 April 2001
How and Why China Proliferates Ballistic Missiles to Pakistan
Phillip Saunders & Dr. Jing-dong Yuan with Gaurav Kampani, Rediff on the Net, 22 August 2000
Barking Up The Wrong Tree
Gaurav Kampani, Rediff on the Net, August 1999
The Escalating War in Kashmir
Gaurav Kampani, Rediff on the Net, May 1999
India's Kosovo Conundrum
Gaurav Kampani, Rediff on the Net, April 1999
Hammering Out an Indo-US Nuclear Deal
Gaurav Kampani, Rediff on the Net, December 1998
What Story Does Ghauri Tell Us?
Gaurav Kampani, Rediff on the Net, May 1998

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