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Kim Jong Il posing with a Korean People's Army unit. The North Korean Nuclear Test: Regional and International Implications [PDF format]
CNS experts took part in a panel discussion on the recent events on the Korean peninsula and what the future may hold for the international community and the nonproliferation regime.
Image: Kim Jong Il posing with a Korean People's Army unit.
DPRK Television news
					anchor announces the October 9th nuclear test. CNS Analysis of North Korea Nuclear Test Claim [PDF format]
CNS experts report on the technical specifications of North Korea's test as well as initial reaction from the international community.
(For more North Korea related items see the North Korea Special Section.)
Image: DPRK Television news anchor announces the October 9th nuclear test.
First Soviet nuclear test Central Asian States Establish Nuclear-Weapon-Free-Zone Despite U.S. Opposition
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan signed a treaty establishing a Central Asian Nuclear-Weapon-Free-Zone on September 8, 2006. While not perfect, the treaty merits support as a commitment to nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament.
Image: First Soviet nuclear test.
Nobel Center, Oslo Symposium Venue The Oslo Symposium: On The Road To HEU Minimization
The technical workshop concluded that HEU conversion is possible in most cases, that there are no future HEU needs, and current conversion programs have been quite successful. Policymakers, however, disagreed on a path forward, despite HEU terrorism threats and conversion desirability.
Image: Nobel Center, Oslo Symposium Venue.
Russian flag CNS Analysis of the Russian Government's White Paper on WMD Nonproliferation
For the first time in over a decade, the Russian government has published a White Paper on Nonproliferation, which seeks to present a detailed overview of Russia's policy and initiatives in that area.
Image: Russian flag [Src:]
Photo: Ali Larijani with Javier Solana Iran's Nuclear Impasse: Give Negotiations A Chance
As direct negotiations between the United States and Iran may finally materialize, it is critical to remember that armed conflict is both unnecessary and would be mutually destructive.
Image: Ali Larijani with Javier Solana.
Photo: Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei Mohamed ElBaradei Calls for a New Global Security Landscape
Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei spoke in Monterey on May 30, 2006. During his conversation with Dr. William Potter, Dr. ElBaradei highlighted many key issues and challenges facing the nuclear nonproliferation regime today.
Image: Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei.
Photo: Hwasong missiles on display North Korean Ballistic Missile Capabilities (PDF format)
A new special report from CNS answers key questions about North Korea's ballistic missiles and presents estimates of their missile capabilities.
Image: Hwasong missiles on display.
Photo: Bush and Singh Nonproliferation Issues Raised by U.S.-India Nuclear Deal
The March 2 agreement on US-India nuclear cooperation has raised a number of concerns that require further attention, especially with regards to its effect on the international nonproliferation regime.
Image: Bush and Singh.
Putin and Ahmadinejad [Src: ITAR-TASS] Two CNS analysts, one from South Africa and one from Russia, give their perspectives on the Iranian nuclear crisis.
Defusing The Iranian Nuclear Crisis: A Carrot and Stick Approach
Jean duPreez examines the potential consequences of the IAEA Board decision to report the issue to the U.N. Security Council, with a particular focus on Iran's reactions, and argues that a diplomatic solution along the lines of the Six-Party talks is needed or the crisis is likely to spiral out of control.
Prospects of Russian Mediation of the Iranian Nuclear Crisis
Nikolai Sokov analyzes the Russian position vis-a-vis Iran, and predicts the policies Moscow is likely to adopt under various scenarios.
Image: Putin and Ahmadinejad [Src: ITAR-TASS]
ISS and shuttle [Src: NASA] Space Conflict or Space Cooperation?
U.S. defense policy assumes space weapon deployment is the answer to the vulnerability of space assets. However, "cooperative engagement" with possible rivals in space, and steering programs toward U.S. interests may be an equally viable option.
Image: ISS and shuttle [Src: NASA]
Bushehr, Iran Satellite Photo [Src: Space Imaging] Chronology of Key Events Related to the Implementation of IAEA Safeguards in Iran
The IAEA Board of Governors looks set to discuss the Iran nuclear issue at a meeting scheduled for February 2. CNS has prepared a detailed chronology of key events in the IAEA examination of the scope and nature of Iran's nuclear program from June 2003 to the present.
Image: Bushehr, Iran Satellite Photo [Src: Space Imaging]





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