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Radiological Source Security seminar participants CNS Conducts Seminar on Radiological Source Security in Georgia
by Margarita Sevcik
On November 20-21, 2008, an international seminar was conducted by CNS, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.
Image: Radiological Source Security seminar participants
Central Asian Nuclear Weapon Free Zone (CANWFZ) Map Central Asia Becomes A Nuclear-Weapon-Free-Zone
by William C. Potter, Togzhan Kassenova, and Anya Loukianova
Central Asian Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone Treaty ratification represents a nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation milestone.
Image: Central Asian Nuclear Weapon Free Zone (CANWFZ) Map
Cover of Occasional Paper #13 Trafficking Networks for Chemical Weapons Precursors: Lessons from the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s [PDF]
by Jonathan B. Tucker
New information on the illicit sale of chemical-weapons materials to Iran and Iraq during the 1980s sheds light on how international trafficking networks operate and suggests some practical steps for countering them. A new CNS Occasional Paper.
Image: Cover of Occasional Paper #13
Symbol of Peace & Disarmament, UN building New York Beyond UNSCR 1540: the Forging of a WMD Terrorism Treaty
by Johan Bergenäs
A number of factors, including US presidential elections, may open opportunities to negotiate a treaty combating WMD terrorism and initiate steps toward nuclear weapons disarmament.
Image: Symbol of Peace & Disarmament, UN building New York
IAEA's ElBaradei & Iran's Ambassador Soltaniyeh  [Src: IAEA] Iran and the IAEA: The Road to "Gridlock" and an Uncertain Path Forward
A way out of the present stalemate over the Iran nuclear issue is only possible through a pragmatic approach from Washington and more flexibility from Tehran.
Image: IAEA's ElBaradei & Iran's Ambassador Soltaniyeh [Src: IAEA]
Senators Barack Obama and John McCain Barack Obama and John McCain on Nuclear Security Issues
In their September 26, 2008, debate on U.S. foreign policy, both candidates discussed the dangers of nuclear proliferation. This CNS report examines the similarities and some important differences in the policies of Obama and McCain.
Image: Senators Barack Obama and John McCain
Implementing 1540 book coverStrengthening a Weak Link in the Global Security Chain: Regional Implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1540
New book Implementing Resolution 1540: The Role of Regional Organizations by UNIDIR and CNS distinguished professor Lawrence Scheinman (editor).
Image: Implementing 1540 book cover
Missile Contagion book cover Missile Contagion: Cruise Missile Proliferation and the Threat to International Security [PDF]
New book by CNS missile expert Dennis Gormley finds U.S. unprepared to meet growing threat from proliferation of cruise missiles.
Image: Missile Contagion book cover
Class photo Pilot Course on International Nuclear Safeguards Policy in Monterey
A two-week course was taught by CNS and the Monterey Institute with presentations by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and others.
Image: Class photo
MNSG members Report on NWFZ in the Middle East
New report from the Monterey Nonproliferation Strategy Group on the issue of Preconditions for a NWFZ in the Middle East.
Image: MNSG members
Palais des Nations in Geneva NPT Briefing Book, 2008 Edition
The most comprehensive source of background and reference material on the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and its associated regime is now available online.
Image: Palais des Nations in Geneva
Israeli F-16s. [Src:] International Reactions: What if Israel Attacks Iran?
An Israeli military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities would divide the international community, despite any potential consensus against Tehran's suspected nuclear program.
Image: Israeli F-16s [Src:]
DNPE seminar panelists Promoting Disarmament and Nonproliferation Education
On April 30, 2008, a seminar promoting disarmament and nonproliferation education was held for the first time as a side event in conjunction with the NPT PrepCom.
Image: DNPE seminar panelists
CNS Annecy Workshop Preparing for 2010: Striking a Balance between Nuclear Disarmament & Nuclear Nonproliferation
CNS hosted a two-day diplomatic workshop on the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) on 7 and 8 March 2008 in Annecy, France.
Image: CNS Annecy Workshop
Pelindaba Nuclear Facility Pelindaba Treaty Resource Page
On the 12th anniversary of the signing in Cairo of the African Nuclear Weapon Free Zone Treaty, CNS announces a new web-based "Pelindaba Treaty resource page."
Image: Pelindaba Nuclear Facility
Ma Ying-jeou after election victory Taiwan's Presidential Election and its Impact on Cross-Strait Relations and Regional Security
Taiwan's recent elections will likely be an important turning point for Taipei's relations with China, the U.S. and Japan.
Image: Ma Ying-jeou after election victory
Pelindaba Nuclear Facility The Race Towards Entry Into Force of the Pelindaba Treaty: Mozambique Leading the Charge
Mozambique's recent ratification of the Pelindaba Treaty has renewed hope that a NWFZ in Africa may soon be realized.
Image: Pelindaba Nuclear Facility
Mushroom cloud from the Ivy Mike Nuclear Test [Src: Wikipedia] The Future of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
The current budgetary crisis at the PrepCom for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization threatens to further diminish prospects for the CTBT's entry into force. However, recent political developments may breathe new life into the treaty.
Image: Mushroom cloud from the Ivy Mike Nuclear Test [Src: Wikipedia]
Castor beans. [Src: Steve Hurst @ USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database] SPECIAL REPORT ON RICIN [PDF]
In light of the discovery today (February 29) of vials of ricin in Las Vegas, Nevada, CNS has compiled a special information page with details about ricin and previous incidents involving the toxin.
Image: Castor beans. [Src: Steve Hurst @ USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database]
U.S. Director of National Intelligence, Mike McConnell. [Src: Radio Free Europe] Study Finds U.S. Intelligence Community Confidence in Iran's Chemical Weapons Capability Has Diminished Steadily Since 2003 [PDF]
Despite arguing for years that Iran had an active and growing chemical weapons program, U.S. intelligence in 2003 began to back away from such definitive assessments, a shift gone largely unnoticed and unremarked by policy makers and specialists alike.
Image: U.S. Director of National Intelligence, Mike McConnell. [Src: Radio Free Europe]
Earth from space [Src: Nasa] Top Ten Most Significant Events & Trends of 2007 [PDF]
There were a number of important and even surprising nonproliferation-related developments during 2007. CNS offers a top 10 list of the most significant events and trends in 2007, both as a guide to the year just passed and as a road map for what to watch for in 2008.
Image: Earth from space [Src: Nasa]

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