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View story [Image: "Passing the Baton" documentary] CNS 20th Anniversary Celebration
by CNS Staff
The James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies celebrated its 20th Anniversary 3-5 December 2009, with an international conference on "The Power of Nonproliferation Education and Training".
Image: "Passing the Baton" documentary.
View story [Image: Earth photo] Nuclear Disarmament Proposals from 1995 to 2009: A Comparative Chart
by Vasileios Savvidis and Jessica Seiler
This chart compiles 38 proposals released in the last 15 years and identifies measures and ideas put forward, thus producing schematic summaries and an overall comparison.
Image: Earth photo.
View story [Image:  Uranium tailings site in Mailuu-Suu, Kyrgyz Republic. src:] Uranium Tailings in Central Asia: The Case of the Kyrgyz Republic
by Paula Humphrey and Margarita Sevcik
This CNS report analyzes potential security risks posed by abandoned or unattended radioactive waste sites in the Kyrgyz Republic, with a focus on recent developments and efforts towards remediation.
Image: Uranium tailings site in Mailuu-Suu, Kyrgyz Republic. [src:]
View story [Image:  China military equipment formation] Cold War Redux? China's Cold War Era Thinking When it Comes to Nuclear Disarmament
by Lora Saalman
This new report, a follow-on from CNS's recent occasional paper, explores Chinese principles of disarmament and their compatibility with the push for nuclear zero.
Image: China military equipment formation.
View story [Image: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking at the conference.] Declarations, Resolutions, and Revelations: Wrap-up of an Action Packed Week at the United Nations
by Kaegan McGrath
Summing up the September 2009 CTBTO Conference and UNSC disarmament summit; includes interview with CTBTO's Tibor Tóth.
Image: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking at the conference.
View story [Image: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking at the conference.] First Day of Article XIV Conference Shows Optimism
by Kaegan McGrath
Reporting from CNS's Kaegan McGrath on the proceedings of the CTBTO Art XIV Conference and the special UNSC Summit.
Image: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking at the conference.
View story [Image: United Nations Headquarters in New York] Will the Stars Align in New York for Test Ban Advocates? A Preview of the Sixth CTBT Article XIV Conference
by Kaegan McGrath and Luis Gain
The Obama administration's support for the CTBT will increase political momentum for accelerating the Treaty's entry into force during the Article XIV Conference convening at the United Nations in New York.
Image: United Nations Headquarters in New York.
View story [Image: Several Summer Symposium attendees] 21st International Summer Symposium on Science & World Affairs 2009
by Foy Kum Hubert
Technically-trained professionals working on policy-oriented research on international security and arms control issues discuss cutting-edge analytic technical basis for new policy ideas.
Image: Several Summer Symposium attendees.
View story [Image: Ratifying African countries] The African Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone Enters into Force
by Liviu Horovitz
With Pelindaba, the Southern Hemisphere is Free of Nuclear Weapons—Challenges and Opportunities Ahead
Image: Ratifying African countries.
View story [Image: CW Dumping Google Earth presentation] Chemical Weapon Munitions Dumped at Sea: An Interactive Map
by CNS Staff
CNS has located 127 CW disposal and human exposure sites. CNS created a Google Earth map and presentation in hopes of garnering further interest.
Image: CW Dumping Google Earth presentation.
View story [Image: Exercise participants engaging in verification] Full-Scale Exercise Mocking Up Non-Nuclear State Verification of Nuclear Warhead Dismantlement Held
by Cristina Hansell
In June 2009, Norway and the United Kingdom held their first full-scale exercise as part of a joint initiative developing ways for a Non-Nuclear Weapon State to verify the dismantlement of a nuclear warhead.
Image: Exercise participants engaging in verification.
View story [Image: Obama and Medvedev sign an agreement] Obama's Moscow Visit Highlights Both Progress and Obstacles in U.S.-Russian Nuclear Relations
by Anya Loukianova and Miles Pomper
Meeting in Moscow July 6-7, U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev agreed on a framework to guide their negotiators in striking a new strategic arms agreement.
Image: Obama and Medvedev sign an agreement.
View story [Image: Several nonproliferation session attendees] Building a Community of Young Nonproliferation Specialists in Russia
by Margarita Sevcik
CNS sponsors a new nonproliferation session at the Snezhinsk International Scientific Conference.
Image: Several nonproliferation session attendees.
View story [Image: Epicenter of North Korean Test] North Korea's Nuclear Test and Its Aftermath: Coping with the Fallout
by CNS Research Staff
This CNS issue brief for the Nuclear Threat Initiative explores the implications of North Korea's test on regional and international security.
Image: Epicenter of North Korean Test. Source: US Geological Survey
NRU reactor in Chalk River Letter to Congress: U.S. production of Mo-99 for medical radioisotopes
by Cristina Hansell
Problems at Canada's 52-year-old NRU reactor have resulted in the postponement and cancellation of medical procedures around the world, highlighting the dangers of reliance on just four major producers of the critical medical isotope Tc-99m. Despite the availability of other methods, these major Tc-99m producers use weapons-grade uranium (supplied by the United States), increasing the risks of nuclear terrorism. On June 15, 2009, a letter was sent to Congress urging support for the construction of safe Tc-99m production facilities in the United States.
Image: NRU reactor in Chalk River, Canada. Source: National Research Council of Canada
View story [Image: Several seminar panelists] CNS Conducts Intensive International Safeguards Course
by Masako Toki
CNS co-hosted a seminar held as a side event of the 2009 NPT Preparatory Committee (PrepCom) on May 8, 2009 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.
Image: Several seminar panelists.
View story [Image: United Nations Headquarters in New York] Report from the NPT Preparatory Committee 2009
by Miles A. Pomper
Details of the third and final preparatory committee (PrepCom) meeting for the 2010 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) review conference.
Image: United Nations Headquarters in New York.
View story [Image: Several safeguards course participants] CNS Conducts Intensive International Safeguards Course
Report on a one-week course conducted in Monterey aimed at graduate students and professionals interested in pursuing careers in nonproliferation and nuclear safeguards.
Image: Several safeguards course participants.
View story [Image: Kim Jong Il posing with a Korean People's Army unit.] CNS Report:
North Korea Conducts Nuclear Test
On May 25, DPRK carried out its second nuclear test. International reaction has been swift. Initial reports point to a higher yield for this test than the first in 2006.
Image: Kim Jong Il posing with a Korean People's Army unit.
View story [Image: Spring 2009 CIF conference participants] U.S., Russian High School Students Present Research On Nuclear Disarmament
by Masako Toki
This year's spring conference, held April 23-24, 2009 in Monterey, witnessed remarkably successful results and the largest number of participants in the history of the program.
Image: Spring 2009 CIF conference participants
View story [Image: North Korean rocket launch. [Src: KCNA]] The North Korean Rocket Launch: International Reactions and Implications
by East Asia Nonproliferation Program (EANP)
In reaction to the UNSC condemnation of its rocket launch, North Korea pulled out of the six-party talks. The current crisis will be a serious challenge to regional stability.
Image: North Korean rocket launch. [Src: KCNA]
View story [Image: Last year's Annecy NPT Workshop] 2010: Time for a New Beginning [PDF]
by International Organizations & Nonproliferation Program (IONP)
CNS recently hosted a two-day diplomatic Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) workshop in Annecy, France, to identify lessons of recent PrepComs, address nonproliferation regime challenges, and discover how to define and achieve success.
Image: Last year's Annecy NPT Workshop.
View story [Image: North Korean propaganda poster] North Korean Satellite Falls Short of Expectations
by Dean Knox
On April 5, North Korea carried out its planned launch of a satellite but the three-stage rocket used appears to have failed in the final stage.
Image: North Korean propaganda poster: "A Satellite Launch with Our Power and Knowledge: The First 'Boom' of a Strong and Powerful Country."
View story [Image: North Korean propaganda poster] Launch of North Korean "Communications Satellite" Draws Near, Raising Concerns of Regional Instability
by Dean Knox
The DPRK's plans to launch a satellite on a modified long-range missile have had a significant impact on regional threat perceptions.
Image: North Korean propaganda poster: "A Satellite Launch with Our Power and Knowledge: The First 'Boom' of a Strong and Powerful Country."
View story [Image: Cover of Occasional Paper #15.] Engaging China and Russia on Nuclear Disarmament
Cristina Hansell and William C. Potter, Editors
This new Occasional Paper analyzes the prevailing perspectives, bureaucratic players, & politics and provides recommendations on how to engage Beijing and Moscow on "the road to zero."
Image: Cover of Occasional Paper #15.
View story [Photo: Uzbekistan UNSC Resolution 1540 Workshop attendees.] CNS Conducts Workshop on Implementing UNSC Resolution 1540 in Uzbekistan
by Dauren Aben
On February 10-11, CNS, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan, held a workshop on implementing United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540.
Photo: Uzbekistan UNSC Resolution 1540 Workshop attendees.
View story [Chart: US government agencies combating nuclear proliferation.] New WMD Coordinator Has the Right Stuff, But Will He Have the Right Staff?
by Anya Loukianova, Leonard Spector
President Obama's new WMD Proliferation/ Terrorism Coordinator will watch over a vast array of activities. But whether he will be given the stature and staff to do the job right remains an open question.
Chart: US government agencies combating nuclear proliferation.
View story [Image: Earth from space] Leading Nonproliferation Experts Identify Ten Most Significant Proliferation-Related Events and Trends of 2008 [PDF]
edited by Stephen Schwartz, William Potter, and Jonathan B. Tucker
Some of the year's most important developments received widespread national and international attention, others, though no less important, were largely overlooked by the news media.
Image: Earth from space.
Cover of Occasional Paper #14 Nuclear Challenges and Policy Options for the Next U.S. Administration [PDF]
edited by Jean du Preez
A new Occasional Paper presents sixteen papers by participants of the Monterey Nonproliferation Strategy Group meeting on August 20-21, 2008.
Image: Cover of Occasional Paper #14
Workshop participants U.S. and Russian High School Teachers Discuss Nuclear Disarmament at Teacher Development Workshop
by Masako Toki
Twenty U.S. and Russian high school teachers attended a Critical Issues Forum Teacher Development Workshop on December 4-6, 2008 in Monterey.
Image: Workshop participants

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