Country Profile: Philippines


  • Officially known as the Republic of the Philippines
  • Joined the Non-Aligned Movement in 1992 at the 10th NAM Summit
  • Hosted a special NAM ministerial meeting in 2010 on interfaith dialogue and cooperation
  • According to the IAEA, the Philippines does not have any nuclear weapons as of now.
    • However, as of 2010 the IAEA has assisted the Philippines in nuclear powers and will continue to assist the country should it continue its present energy mix.
  • Treaty & Agreement membership
    • NPT
    • SEANFWZ (Southeast Asian Nuclear Weapon Free Zone)  
    • International Atomic Energy Agency
      • IAEA Safeguards Agreement
      • IAEA Additional Protocol
    • Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT)
    • Partial Test Ban Treaty (PTBT)
    • Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Materials


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