Country Profile: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


A Caribbean island chain located in part of the Lesser Antilles region, Saint Vincent shares maritime borders with Barbados, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela. Saint Vincent is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary form of government that gained its independence in 1979.

Capital: Kingstown

There are no nuclear power plants or research reactors in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.


  • Member of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) since 2003
  • Member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) since 2017
  • Succeeded to the 1925 Geneva Protocol in 1999
  • Signed Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention in 1997
    • Ratified in 2001
  • Signed Arms Trade Treaty in 2013
    • Ratified in 2014
  • Acceded to Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) in 1999
  • Signed Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) in 1993
    • Ratified in 2002
  • Signed & Ratified Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) in 2009
  • Acceded to Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons in 2010
  • Signed Convention on Cluster Munitions in 2009
    • Ratified in 2010
  • Succeeded to Convention on Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD) in 1999
  • Signed Inter-American Convention on Firearms in 1997
    • Ratified in 2012
  • Succeeded to Outer Space Treaty in 1999
  • Succeeded to Sea-bed Treaty in 1999
  • Acceded (with reservation) to International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism (ICSANT) in 2010
  • Signed Treaty of Tlatelolco in 1992
    • Ratified in 1992
    • Acceded in 1997
  • Acceded to Treaty for the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) in 1984
  • Signed Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) in 2017
    • Ratified in 2019


  • Member of GRULAC
  • Member of CELAC
  • Member of CARICOM
  • Member of Organization of American States (OAS) since 1981


  • At the 2017 UN General Assembly, representatives of Saint Vincent and other Caribbean nations called for action against human rights abuses in Western New Guinea.
  • Non-Permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in 2020/2021


Permanent Mission of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to the United Nations 

The Government o f Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Commerce

UN State Summary

Ratification of Treaties & Membership in International Organizations Related to Disarmament